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S. I NoYearName of the ScholarSubjectResearch GuideTopic
12021NADIRA MAHAMOOD K.PhysicsDr. Prakash VInvestigation and impact assessment of radionuclides concentration in dwellings and outdoor environment of coastal Kerala  
2        2021VINEETHKUMAR V.PhysicsDr. Prakash VStudies on effects of physico-chemical parameters on radionuclides and trace elements concentration in the environs of southwest coast of India
32021DIVYA P. V.PhysicsDr. Prakash VSpatial and temporal variations of radionuclides concentration in the environment of coastal Kerala
4    2022VINODKUMAR T.PhysicsDr. Prakash VModeling of the behavior of heavy metals in selected medicinal plants in the wetlands of Kerala
52023MAYA MATHEWPhysicsDr. K C PreethaOptoelectronic Applications Oriented Synthesis and Characterization of Binary, Ternary and Quaternary Copper and Lead Based Quantum Dots
62023RAKHI CPhysicsDr. K C PreethaStudies on transition metal oxides and their nanocomposites prepared by chemical methods.
7    2012 ANOOP S KMathematicsDr. K T RaveendranSome Studies on Fixed Points of Non-Expansive Type Maps in Banach Spaces
8    2012REEJA P VMathematicsDr. K T RaveendranOn L-Embedded Banach Spaces and its consequences in generalized 2 normed spaces
92013HARIKRISHNAN P KMathematicsDr. K T RaveendranSome aspects of Accretive and other operators in other abstract spaces
102015RIYAS PMathematicsDr. K T RaveendranSome characteristics of 2-Innerproduct space and 2-Normed spaces
        112021SUNITHA MMathematicsDr. P C SreenivasA Study on I- Functions
    122021SITHARA RAMESANMathematicsDr. K T RaveendranOn the study of some properties of Frames
    132019AISWARYA P. K.EnglishDr. V M SanthoshMalabar in Cyberspace: A Study of Spatial Imaginations
    142021UMMER K. C.EnglishDr. V M SanthoshBiopolitics of Intersex Lives: A Study of Select Fictional and Self Narratives
152021SUJATHA A. V.EnglishDr. V M SanthoshLiberative Appropriation of Indigenous Imaginaries: An Ecofeminist Reading of the Novels of Leslie Marmon Silko and Sara Joseph
162019HASBULLA E.EnglishDr. V M SanthoshValidating Functional Linguistic Competency in English Using Fluidity of Instructional Materials
172023SARISHA K.EnglishDr. V M SanthoshModes of Resistance: An Ecocritical Reading of Select Indian Novels
182023VINODKUMAR K. V.EnglishDr. V M SanthoshPolitical Discourse of Kerala Renaissance: Surveying Kumaran Asan’s Works as a Site of Alternative Modernity
192023SHINITH CHANDRAN KHistoryDr. Jisha D NairThe role of Kerala association for Non-Formal Education and Development in the educational progress of Rural People in Kerala