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The Department of Mathematics of Payyanur College (now affiliated to Kannur University) came into existence in the year 1965 and is currently offering BSc, MSc and Ph.D courses in Mathematics. Since its inception the department has been functioning excellently. Prof. A. K. Raghavan Nambiar, eminent teacher and educationalist was the founder head of the Department. He was the soul and source of inspiration of the department for a long time. Subsequently the department was headed by Prof. Grace F.S Sadanandan, Prof. A. Venugopalan, Prof. K.C. Kunhiparvathi, Prof. N.V. Kannan, Prof. T.M. Vasanthakumari, Dr.T.M.K. Anandavally, Sri. Vinod Kumar P and Sri. K. Krishnakumar. The present head of the department is Smt. Reshma E.

The broad goals of the department are to promote excellence in mathematics from undergraduate to postgraduate level and organize various programmes that stimulate genuine interest in Mathematics and trigger fascination among bright young students for a research career in Mathematics. To these ends, the department carries out a wide spectrum of inter-related activities, which may be viewed under three broad categories: (a) Seminars on different topics in Mathematics (b) Exhibitions and Regional Quiz competitions and (c) Activities to popularize Mathematics