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UGC Minor Research Projects

Dr. Prakash. V., Assistant Professor of Physics, Payyanur College

A detailed report on Summary of UGC minor project of Dr. Prakash. V, under UGC SWRO, No. F. MRP(S)-0229/12-13/KLKA002/UGC-SWRO dt.23.09.13, entitled Studies on Indoor and Outdoor Radon (222Rn) and its Short-Lived Progeny Concentration for the Assessment of Safety and Health of Public in the Environment of Coastal Kerala.

Funding Agency:                 UGC SWRO, Bangalore: No. F. MRP(S)-0229/12-13/KLKA002/UGC-SWRO dt.23.09.13

Date of Commencement:  23.09.2013

Date of Submission:           23.02.2016

Sanctioned Amount:          1,65,000/-