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Department of Physics, Payyanur College is a recognized research center of Kannur University since 2009. The Department has a well established state of the art radiation research lab and chemical processing lab for various syntheses. Among the faculties, 4 are having research guide-ship and actively involved in research activities of their own chosen field. The centre is kind enough to support guide-ship for faculties from other colleges. The centre has already produced 10 Ph Ds and 5 Ph D scholars are currently associated with the centre. Many publications have already come out from the lab in the areas of radiation physics, nuclear physics and nano technology. Many UG and PG students have completed their project work in the research labs of the Department, as part of partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of UG/PG Degree. The centre has sufficient space, furniture and manpower to upgrade as a nodal centre for the radiation monitoring and the process in on.

Research Facilities


The major equipments 1. High sensitive plastic scintillometer 2. Calibrated low level counting systems 3. Advanced NaI(Tl) gamma ray spectrometer with spectroscopy amplifier and 8K MCA. 4. Radon measuring units 5. Standard radioactive sources procured from IAEA 6. Unsealed sources procured from BRIT 7. Electronic weighing balance (high precession) 8. Magnetic stirrer with Temperature control 9. Muffle furnace (0 to 1000 o C) 10. Fine tuning Oven (0-120 o C) 11. Spark counter

UGC Minor Research Projects

Dr. Prakash. V., Assistant Professor of Physics, Payyanur College

A detailed report on Summary of UGC minor project of Dr. Prakash. V, under UGC SWRO, No. F. MRP(S)-0229/12-13/KLKA002/UGC-SWRO dt.23.09.13, entitled Studies on Indoor and Outdoor Radon (222Rn) and its Short-Lived Progeny Concentration for the Assessment of Safety and Health of Public in the Environment of Coastal Kerala.

Funding Agency:                 UGC SWRO, Bangalore: No. F. MRP(S)-0229/12-13/KLKA002/UGC-SWRO dt.23.09.13

Date of Commencement:  23.09.2013

Date of Submission:           23.02.2016

Sanctioned Amount:          1,65,000/-