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The main aim of the Research Centre, Department of Chemistry, Payyanur College, Payyanur is to provide the culture of research excellence, promote intellectual curiosity, and discovery in various fields of Chemistry. The department supports faculty, and students in carrying out research, publishing scholarly articles, and presenting papers at conferences or seminars. We provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration to excel in the field of research. Hence the main goals are to facilitate innovation, research experience along with collaborations with industry, Government, and academia. The main research areas include synthetic organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, material chemistry, nano chemistry, computational chemistry, membrane technology and analytical chemistry. The Post Graduate Department has been upgraded to Research Centre on 31 October, 2024, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards academic excellence.

UGC Minor Research Projects

(1) Dr Sujith K.V. (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Payyanur College): Abstract of the UGC Minor Research Project titled “Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Ibuprofen Derivatives”. VIEW PDF