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From the time of inception of the college in 1965, the department was present as department of biology. In 1969 it started functioning as an independent department. It was elevated to the status of the degree department in 1981, when the B. Sc Botany course was started. At the time of inception, the department consisted of three teaching staff and a non-teaching staff. When it was department was raised to the status of the degree department four more teachers and two more non-teaching staff were also appointed. Presently the department consist of four teaching faculty and two non teaching staff.

The department consists of two well equipped laboratories, a museum and a separate departmental library, with about 1500 books and journals. The department also has a good herbarium of 500 species. Herbal garden of the department has large collection of 300 species of medicinal plants and RET plants in an area of about one acre. The Orchard contains different types of fruit trees. Green House serves as a conservatory of wild endemic records and repository of medicinal plants and wild orchids. The department works as a knowledge centre and gives consultancy services to students of related disciplines of other institutes as well as general public