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Commerce Alumni Association

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Date of formation: 2nd March 2004

Date of inauguration: 5th February 2005


The annual general body meeting held online via google meet on 12/11/2023 formex new 17 member executive committee. The committee elected Mr Rohit Raj M K as President and Mrs Bindumol P V as Secretary.

Alumni constituted an endowment of Rs 10000 to award prize for the student obtaining the second highest marks in the Final B.Com examination. Alumni sponsored furniture and fittings in the department and fans for B.Com classrooms, Notice Board, Water purifier, Showcase for displaying the prizes etc.Purchased around 250 books worth Rs.28000 under book bank scheme. Under book bank scheme, reference/text books are issued to 10 students from each class who are financially poor but academically rich.Alumni -student interactions are organized to encourage and help students to select their higher studies and career.