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A department alumni meeting was held on 02-03-2024 at the Department of English. Following members were present:

1. Janardhanan K.K.P

2. Mini Nambiar

3 Dr. Meena. M.K

4. Dr. A C.Sreehari

5. Dr. Premachandran Keezhoth

6. Aardra V.S.

7. Dr. Sindhu Thamban

8. Reshma A.

9. Deepak Denny

10. Shanoj V.P.

11. Sumesh K.V.

12. Varya Kammath K.

13. Vipin Viswanath

14. Pramod Puthalath

15. Dinesh E.

16. Sunil Kumar K.

The members discussed the poor participation of Alumni and decided to increase the number of participants in future. The following were elected as the office bearers

President: Janardhanan K.K.P

Secretary: Premachandran Keezhoth

Treasurer: Mini Nambiar

The meeting ended at 12 Noon.

Office bearers


Interaction with Eminent Alumni: Dr. Rajesh Kana – 06-06-2022

An interactive session was conducted 06.06.2022 with Dr. Rajesh Kana, Professor of Psychology and Neurosciences, Alabama University, Brimingham, USA. He talked about his experience in the research in the field of autism spectrum disorders. He also stressed about different types of brain imaging techniques. He dealt with a wide range of disciplines such as perceptions, cognition and theory of mind, brain activity, meditation and brain mapping. He also talked about the interdisciplinary scope of the above-mentioned fields. Moreover, he discussed possible career opportunities for students as well as researchers in the United States and other Western countries. He also introduced some of his books to the audience. The session was made lively by the constant questions and queries of both the students and teachers. 

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Teachers Day Programme: Talk on  “From Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism : Evolution of Eco Centric World in the Context of Covid 19”

A class by Ms Aiswarya Sureshan, Research Scholar, NIT Warangal and an alumna of the Department to celebrate the Teachers’ Day was arranged on 5 September 2022. She handled a session on “From Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism: Evolution of Eco Centric World in the Context of Covid 19”. By arranging a class by an alumna on this Teachers’ Day and by entrusting the students to organise the technical session, the students and former students were given the opportunity for taking the lead role in the teaching-learning process. Such a role reversal would definitely boost the morale of the students.

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Interaction with Eminent Alumni : Mridula Bhavani on 09-03-2023

An interactive talk on “Voices from the Margin Sound” by Mridula Bhavani, an alumna of the department, was conducted on 09 March 2023. She talked about her career choice and prospects of freelancing. She chose journalism to tell how the system works. She spoke about translation and the way a text changes during the process of translation. She spoke about publishing houses also. She introduced the book she translated, titled The Oxygen.

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Workshop on Research Methodology on 19-01-2023

The PG Department of English, Payyanur College, Payyanur, organised a workshop on Research Methodology on 19th January 2023. Ms. C Labeeba, Research Scholar in Kannur University was the Resource Person. Dr Aiswarya P K, Faculty, Payyanur College introduced the speaker and welcomed the gathering.  The audience responded actively with comments and queries. Devapriya EV and Chithralekha of 3rd DC English along with Ashley David of PG department of English shared their doubts. Having commenced at 10.a.m, the lecture spanned over an hour and ended with   Revathi of 2nd PG proposing the vote of thanks. Dr V M Santhosh, Principal, Payyanur and Mani K P, faculty of English Department were also present. The session was indeed inspiring and a huge success.

Matching up to the Machines: Cognification, AI and the Future of Human Creativity by Sreetilak S.

As a part of the Vantage Lecture Series organised by the PG Department of English, Payyanur College, Sreetilak Sambhanda, the Executive Vice President, Viva Books and Viva Education, Delhi and an alumnus of the department delivered a lecture on ” Matching up to the Machines: Cognification, AI and the Future of Human Creativity” on 5 th January 2023 at the College Seminar Hall. Mr. Sreetilak spoke about the everyday applications of AI with interesting examples and prompted the audience to analyse the opportunities and challenges AI offers to creative arts. Dr. A C Sreehari, Assistant Professor, welcomed the gathering and introduced the guest to the audience. Meghna of final year BA English extended the vote of thanks. All the faculties and the students of the department attended the programme.

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The PG Department of English and Research Centre, Payyanur College, Payyanur conducted an interactive session with the eminent alumnus on 20.12.2023 at 10.30 am in the III BA English Classroom, A graduate in cinematography from the Pune Film Institute and very popular in the Mumbai film industry, winner of the Kerala Chalachitra Academy Award for the film Carbon, K.U. Mohanan was the resource person who graced the occasion. Dr. Sreehari A. C. welcomed the gathering and gave an overall idea regarding the film studies included in the UG and PG syllabus. Sri. K.U. Mohanan described himself as a cinema practitioner who didn’t believe in the systematic way of looking at things. He spoke for more than two hours about his artistic journey and film to the new generation in the English department, where he studied in the seventies. Students and faculty members actively participated in the discussion. Dr. Resmi R. delivered Vote of Thanks. Shri K.U. Mohanan a great artist, came on a phone call at a very short notice and spoke to the audience as a very ordinary man.



Interaction with eminent alumni programme 2022

Alumnus of 1970-73 BA English batch Capt. Venugopal Kannoth interacting with English dept students under interaction with Eminent Alumni programme