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The Research Centre of the English Department at Kannur University marks a significant advancement in the institution’s commitment to academic excellence. Officially inaugurated on March 1, 2024, by Professor Bijoy S. Nandan, the Vice Chancellor of Kannur University, this centre is dedicated to advancing research and intellectual inquiry in the studies in English. The inauguration ceremony highlighted the university’s dedication to creating a dynamic research environment. Professor Nandan’s address emphasized the importance of such initiatives in driving scholarly excellence and encouraging innovative research practices. The centre provides a structured environment for both faculty and students to engage in rigorous research. It is supported by a team of 4 research guides who will offer mentorship and ensure adherence to high academic standards. Currently, the centre is home to 15 active research scholars, each pursuing diverse and innovative projects in English literature and related fields. In addition to its core research functions, the Research Centre hosts a vibrant Research Forum designed to foster intellectual exchange and collaboration. This forum features monthly talks and presentations by faculty members and research scholars, covering a broad spectrum of topics such as literary theory, critical analysis, and interdisciplinary studies. These events facilitate valuable dialogue and provide feedback opportunities, enriching the academic community.

Dr. A C Sreehari- Research Scholars

Dr. V M Santhosh- Research Scholars