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List of Publications by the faculty of the Department

  1. Dr Sreehari A. C.
Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
Locating The Local: In Literature and Films (Book)   ISBN 978-93-84110-60-4Locating The Local: In Literature and FilmsDept. of English, Payyanur College2018
Kerala and the Crises of Modernity (Edited)(Book)  ISBN 978-93-84110-61-1Kerala And the Crises of Modernity Dept. of English, Payyanur College2018
Apakeraleekaranam: Sahithyam, Samskaram, Cinema (Book)   ISBN 978-93-84110-73-4Apakeraleekaranam: Sahithyam, Samskaram, CinemaPusthakabhavan, Payyanur 2018
Vayanavikrithi (Collection of Poems). (Book)ISBN 81-264-1385-9 Vayanavikrithi (Collection of Poems). DC Books2007
Teaching of English: Experiences and Experiments (Ed.)ISBN 81-87299-72-X. “Engendered Classrooms: A Critical Note on Reading Words and Worlds.”Puducherry Cooperative Book Society, Puducherry.2013
Sahithyam: Vayanayum Vimarsavum (Ed.)ISBN 978-93-84110-37-6“Kavithayile Apakeraleekaranam.”Pusthaka Bhavan, Payyanur2017
Malayala Kavithayude Puthiya IdangalISBN 978-93-84110-63-5“Jaathiye Lingavathkarikkumbol.”Pusthaka Bhavan, Payyanur2018
LITTCRITISSN 0970-8049“History of My Story: Female Autobiographies and the Malayalee Male Public”LITTCRIT, ThiruvananthapuramJune 2011
Journal of ELTIF(ISSN 2230-7710)“Communication Skills: A Critique of the Construction of ‘Class’room Relations.”ELTIFJuly-September 2012
Malayalam Literary Survey ISSN 2319-3271“Return of the Non-Resident Indian: A Critique of the Cultural Capital of Malayalam Poetry.”Kerala Sahitya AkademiJuly-December 2013
LITTCRIT ISSN 0970-8049“The Missing People: A Critique of Dalit Representations in Films.”LITTCRIT, ThiruvananthapuramJune 2016

Malayalam Literary Survey (ISSN 2319-3271)
“Translation as Transference: A Case Study of N.V.’s Translation of Robert Frost.”Kerala Sahitya AkademiJanuary-March 2017
Malayalam Literary Survey (ISSN 2319-3271)UGC Carelisted“Singling out from the many: Tribal autobiography and the appropriation of the Self.”Kerala Sahitya AkademiJanuary – March 2023
  1. Dr Santhosh V. M.
Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of ssPublication
Littcrit(0970-8049)“(De)colonised? Revisiting the Notion of Objectivity in Midnight’s Children”LittcritJune 2011
Notions(0976-5247)“Fictional Interventions into the Blind Spots in History: Postcolonial Strains in Mukul Kesavan’s Looking Through Glass”Journal Anu BooksMarch 2012
The English Classroom(2250-2831)“Textese as Chutnified English: Decolonising English Language in the e-Era”Regional Institute of English, South IndiaJune 2012
Book authored (978-81-7966-361-5)Narrative, History, Postcoloniality: Re-Reading Post-1980 Indian English NovelsEmerald Publishers, ChennaiDec 2012
English Language and Literature Teaching: Trends, Techniques, Methods and Approaches edited by Prashant Mothe and Arvind M. Nawale(978-81-7273-740-5)Humour as a Tool in Teaching English as a Foreign Language”Authorpress, New DelhiMarch 2013
Global English-Oriented Research Journal(2454-5511)“Decolonizing English Studies: The Kerala Experience”GEORJDec 2015
Kangaani“Folk Games” (in Malayalam)Prof. Dr M.V. Vishnu Namboothiri Aadara Samithi, PayyanurJan 2016
Journal of ELTIF(2230-7710)“Which English Do You Mean, Sir? Reflections on the Variety of English in Postcolonial Classrooms”English Language Teachers’ Interaction ForumOct-Dec2016
International Journal of Functional Research“On the Use of English in Regional Cyber Communities”(with Aiswarya P.K.)Sir Syed College, TaliparambaDec 2016
Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (2349-5162)“Popular Jokes as Triggers in Translation Classrooms”JETIRMarch 2018
Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research(2349-5162)“Augmenting Discourse-level Writing Competency Using Fluid Instructional Materials in English Language Teaching: An Experimental  Study”JETIRApril 2018
International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (2349-5138)“Construction of the Colonised Self and the Context of its Postcolonial Interrogations”IJRARMay 2018
Think India Journal(0971-1260)“Construction of ‘Tradition’ through Narratives: Reflections on Early Malayalam Novels”Think India JournalDec 2019
Our Heritage(0474-9030Transgender Subjectivity of Ludovic in Ma Vie en Rose as Re-articulation of Gender Dysphoria and Narcissism Our Heritage JournalJan 2020
Research and Reflections on Education(0974-648X)The Postcolonial Turn in English Studies in IndiaSt. Xavier’s College of Education, PalayamkotaiApril-June 2020
Wesleyan Journal of Research(0975-1386)Confluence of Water and Feminine Narratives in Sarah Joseph’s Aathi [Gift in GreenWesleyan Journal of ResearchJan 2021
  1. Dr Premachandran Keezhoth
Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherDate of Publication
Proceedings of the National Seminar on Malayalam Web Media-Relevance in the Present ScenarioISBN 978-93-84110-39-0The Impact of Web Media on LiteraturePusthaka Bhavan,Payyanur16 Oct,2016
Edu WorldISSN 2319-7129 Vol V issue 3The Taledanda of the Annihilation of CasteAPH Publishing Corporation,New Delhi                Jan2017

4. Aardra V.S.

Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBNTopic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
KeralaFolklore: Desam,Kaalam,Samooham,Reethisasthraparinathikal. ISBN – 978-81-200-4380-0Mangalamkaliyude Punarujjeevanam : Keralakalakalude Dhruveekaranathil Jathichinthayude Swadheenam.State Institute of Languages,Kerala.May,2018.
International Journal of Research in Social Sciences ISSN – 2249-2496Dislocation of Life and Nature in Marakkappile TheyyangalMay , 2019

5. Dr. Shyma P. 

Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
Thottukoodaymayude Katha. (Book – Translation of Sarathkumar Limbale’s novel)Thottukoodaymayude Katha.Mathrubhumi, Kozhikode2022
Letters to Violet (Book – Translation of Kuzhur Wilson’s collection of Poetry)Letters to VioletTemple of Poetry,Ernakulam2018
South Asian Popular Culture“To Not be To Being: Sreenivasan and ‘Backward’ Visibility.”South Asian Popular CultureForthcoming
Nidan: International Journal for Indian StudiesISSN: 2414-8636“Of Hunting and the Hunted: Vayanattukulavan Theyyam and the Enunciation of Being ‘Backward.”Nidan: International Journal for Indian Studies2022
BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies.ISSN: 0974-9276“The Caste of Casting: Thilakan and ‘Backward’ Articulations in Malayalam Cinema.”BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies.2022
Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and LiteratureISSN: 1985-3106.“Baburao Bagul, When I Hid My Caste.”Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature2021
Indian Literature“Remembering A Forgotten Liberator: Savitribai Phule and the Bahujan Culture of Dissent.”Indian Literature2019
Social Orbit. ISSN: 2395-7719.“Owning Muthappan: The Lumpen Thiyya and Negotiations of Modernity.”Social Orbit2018
Chalachitra SameekshaKaala and the Dalit Popular: Recovering Caste Histories of Modernity.”Chalachithra Academy, TVM. June 2018
Thaarathamya Sahithyam: Chila Kaazhchapaadukal.“Thonoorukalum Naayareekaranavum: Malayala Cinimayile Ezhava Aanathangal.”NBS, Kottayam2018.
DIOTIMA’S: A Journal of New Readings.ISSN: 2319-4189“MT and the Male Martyr: The Secular Heroes of Malayalam Cinema.”Providence College, Calicut2013
Cinemas of South India: Culture, Resistance, Ideology.“Contesting the Modern: Sreenivasan and Chintvishtayaye Shyamala.”OUP, Delhi2010
MLSTranslation of Srikandan Karikkakam’s story “Keetuvaanghara.”Kerala Sahithya Akademi, Thrissur2022
Malayalam Dalit Writings in Translation. Ed. Vishnu NarayananTranslation of Rekha Raj’s article “Family, Morality and Society: Caste/Gender Discriminations in Malayalam Cinema.”Mythri Books, Tvm2020
Indian LiteratureTranslation of four poemsKendra Sahithya Akademi, Delhi2018
The Oxford India Anthology of Malayalam Dalit LiteratureCo-Translations of three articlesOUP, Delhi2012

6. Amritha Vydoori S P

Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
ELTIF Vol.VI. 1 ISSN 2230-7710“Crafted Identity: A Study of  Mahasweta Devi’s BayenELTIF(January- March 2015)
ELTIF Vol.VII.2 ISSN 2230-7710.“Historicising Casteism: A Journey through the Life of Kallen Pokkudan”ELTIF(April-June 2016)
Research Scholar – An International Refereed e-journal of Literary Explorations ISSN 2320-6101“Radical Representation of Subaltern in Aravind Adiga’s The White TigerResearch Scholar – An International Refereed e-journal of Literary Explorations  (August 2016)
ELTIF Vol.IX.3 ISSN 2230-7710.“Undoing Gender Stereotypes: A Re-visit to the Fairy Tales”ELTIF(July- September 2018)
Notions Vol. IX. No.2 ISSN: (P) 0976-5247, (e) 2395-7239“Towards a Non- Anthropocentric Paradigm: A Study of Select Narratives”Notions2018
CASS Vol. 3, Issue 1 ISSN: 2581-6403.  “Exploring the Popular Culture of Street Food: A Journey into the World of Taste”CASSMarch 2019
ELTIF Vol. X. 1 ISSN: 2230-7710“Crossing Boundaries of Body and Mind: A Close Reading of Rituparno Ghosh`s Chitrangada: The Crowning WishELTIF(January- March 2019
Research Journal of English language and Literature (RJELAL) Vol.7 Issue 3. ISSN: (P) 2395-2636, (O) 2321-3108.  “Re-inventing Identity in Gloria Anzaldua`s Borderlands/ La Frontera(RJELAL)(July- September)
International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities (IJELLH) Vol. 7. ISSN 2321-7065.  “Crossing the Threshold of Liminality: A Study on The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story(IJELLH)September 2019
(Re)presentations: Problems, Politics and Praxis ISBN: 979-93-88207-14-0Mapping the Cultural Politics of Migration and its Representation in Amitav Ghosh`s The Sea of of Poppies”2019

7. Dr Aiswarya P. K.

Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
SingularitiesISSN 2348-3369“Traditional Myths in the Construction of a New Kerala Space: Cyber Imagining of Kerala and the Play of Power”SingularitiesJanuary 2016
The InvestigatorISSN 2454-3314  “Cyber Communities and Ethical Resistance: A Study of Select Cyber Kerala Communities”The InvestigatorSeptember 2016
Global English Oriented Research Journal (GEORJ)ISSN 2454-5511“Cyber Attappadi and Spatial Imaginings: A Study of Cyber Regional (Re-) Creations”Global English Oriented Research JournalDecember 2016
International Journal Of Functional Research“On the Use of English in Regional Cyber Communities”International Journal Of Functional ResearchDecember 2016
IJELHDesigning Cyber Communities: A Virtual Ethnography of Select Cyber Kerala CommunitiesIJELHOCTOBER 2017

8. Dr Sindhu Thamban

Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
Language in India ISSN 1930-2940“The Role of Multimedia in Teaching Writing in English”Language in IndiaJanuary 2010
e-Resources in Higher Education (Conference Proceedings: ISBN number 978-81-908078-9-0)“Application of Multimedia and Internet Resources in Promoting Students’ Learning Autonomy”Bharathidasan UniversityFebruary 2010
Indian Journal of Scholarly Research ISSN: 2278-8271“The Potential Effectiveness of Jigsaw Method in Language Classroom”IJSR
January 2013
IOSR Journal of Science and HumanitiesCooperative Learning: A Theoretical PerspectiveIOSROctober 2016
IOSREffectiveness of Jigsaw Method in Enhancing Students’ Comprehension and VocabularyIOSRDecember 2017
International Education and Research JournalISSN 2454-9916The Role of Mirror Neurons in Readers Connection with CharactersIERJ2018
Jigsaw Reading ISBN:93-89250-62-6“Jigsaw Reading”
Kairali Books

September 2020
Shanlax International Journal of English ISSN:2320-2645“Jigsaw II : An Effective Strategy to Develop Reading Comprehension  Among Students”Department of English and Foreign Languages, Bharathiar UniversityDecember 2020
Journal of Humanities and Social SciencesISSN 2279-0837Empowering Learners: The Dogme Approach’s Impact on Autonomy and Communication SkillsJournal of Humanities and Social SciencesDecember 2022

9 Dr Suhana P A

Magazine/ Book(with ISSN/ISBN)Topic/TitlePublisherMonth & Year of Publication
International Journal of English ResearchISSN 2455-2186“A Diasporic Reading of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”International Journal of English ResearchMarch 2017
International Journal of Advanced Education and ResearchISSN 2455-5746“Endurance and Resilience: A Study of the Subaltern Voice in A Thousand Splendid SunsInternational Journal of Advanced Education and ResearchApril 2017
International Journal of Applied ResearchISSN 2394-5869“Acceptance, Resistance and Revenge: Draupadi in Contemporary Indian Fiction”International Journal of Applied Research2017
International Journal of English ResearchISSN 2455-2186“Fortunate Lamps and Fire Bands: Before We Visit the Goddess as a Multigenerational Transcontinental Tale”International Journal of English ResearchJanuary 2018
International Journal of Applied ResearchISSN 2394-5869“Resetting Borders: Transnationalism, Identity and Home in Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist”International Journal of Applied Research2018
International Journal of English ResearchISSN 2455-2186“World of Porous Borders: Global Refugee Crisis and Transnationalism in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit WestInternational Journal of English Research2018
International Journal of Reaearch and Analytical ReviewsISSN 2348-1269“The Paranoid Existence: The Muslim Diaspora in Britain with reference to Kamila Shamsie’s Home FireInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews2020
International Journal of English and StudiesISSN 2581-8333“When the Canker Turns Inward: Remembering and Forgetting in KartographySP PublicationsNovember 2022
International Journal of English and StudiesISSN 2581-8333“Body as a Site of Memory: An Analysis of Hiroko Tanaka from Burnt Shadows SP PublicationsJanuary 2023