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Re-accredited by NAAC with B+ grade

Dr. P R Swaran

Dr. P R Swaran

Asso. Professor , HoD & Research Guide

M Sc,NET, Ph D

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Tel : 9447293398

Name of the Teacher Dr.P R SWARAN
Department ZOOLOGY
Contact Numbers 9447293398
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                                Present Address Permanent Address
House Name/No. KP1/647 PADINJARE VEEDU
Pin Code 670327 670571
Designation Department Dates (from-to) Years of Service
Course Institution Subject /Topic Year of Award Rank, if any
SSLC GHS Kaniyanchal All subjects 1991
Hr. Secondary Sir Syed College, Taliparamba Phy, Chem & Biol. (II group) 1993
UG Sir Syed College, Taliparamba Zoology (Main), Chem & Bot.(sub) 1996
PG Dept of Zoology, Calicut University Campus Applied Zoology (Entomology) 1998 II RANK
PhD FRI (FOREST Research Institute),  Dehra Dun Forest Entomology 2006
Journal / Book (with ISSN/ISBN) Topic/Title Publisher Month & Year of Publication
Annals of Forestry 9 (2) :331-332 ISSN: 0971-4022 Root feeding termites- an emerging problem in root trainer raised teak seedlings in Kerala Jyothi publishers, India 2001
Journal of Biological control.17(2): ISSN : 0971-930X   Evaluation of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae var. major against the subterranean termite, Odontotermes guptai Roonwal and Bose Informatics Publishing Limited and Society for Biocontrol Advancement 2003
Entomon 28:33, 261-262 ISSN: 0377-9335 A new report of Cerataphis palmae (Ghesquire)= C. variabilis Hille Ris Lambus (Homoptera: Aphididae: Hormaphidinae) as pest of Calamus dransfieldii Association for Advancement of Entomology (AAE) 2003
Annals of Forestry 12 [2] 268-272. ISSN: 0971-4022 Evaluation of eucalypts established in various potting media to attack by termites Jyothi publishers, India 2004
Entomon 31 (1) 49-52 ISSN: 0377-9335 Establishment of Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae), an exotic biocontrol agent of the weed, Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae) in the forests of Kerala, India Association for Advancement of Entomology (AAE) 2006
Hexapoda: 13(1&2): 38-42

ISSN 0973-8592

Do subterranean termites attack exotic forest plantation species in preference to native species? A case study from the State of Kerala 2006
International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, 27(2)  June 2007,  95-101 ISSN: 1742-7584   Diversity of termites in a young eucalypt plantation in the tropical forests of Kerala, India Cambridge Journals, UK 2007
Indian Journal of forestry; 32 (3) 275-277 ISSN: 0971-9431 Pest problems in root-trainer raised forest nurseries of selected species in Kerala, India India environment portal 2009
SASTHRAKERALAM Evolution of microbes (in Malayalam) Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad 2016
College Teacher (Un)scientific evidence for afterlife! (in Malayalam) AKPCTA 2016
College Teacher The science of eclipse and the eclipse of science (in Malayalam) AKPCTA 2016
SASTHRAKERALAM On science congress KSSP 2019?
On Janakiyammal KSSP 2019
Proceedings of Kerala science congress Termite assemblage and its possible correlation with earthworm abundance in different landuse patterns of selected areas in northern Wayanad, Kerala (Nithya K and Swaran P R) 2018
Green audit report Payyanur College 2018
SASTHRAKERALAM Human ancestors sleeping in fossils (in Malayalam) Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad 2021
Title of the Paper Organiser Duration
From To Days
Termite control in tropical forestry; changing attitudes and techniques International Symposium on Tropical Forestry Research; Challenges in the new millennium; Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, Thrissur 2001 3
Termite diversity in a young eucalypt plantation in the tropical forests of Kerala state, India 3rd European congress on Social insects, St. Petersburg State University, Russia. 22/8/2005 27/8/2005 6
Training workshop on Taxonomy and Ecology of Soil Flora and fauna Title of paper: ‘Taxonomy of termites in the western ghats’ KFRI 12/02/2009 13/02/2009 2
Fragile Habitats- Prospects &Retrospects. Title of the paper “Qualitative degradation of sacred groves -  a case study” (Swaran P R et al 2012) Dept of Zoology, Payyanur College (UGC sponsored National Seminar) 16/03/2012 17/03/ 2012 2
National Seminar on ‘Insects diversity of western ghats – an approach towards modern conservation strategies’ Title of paper:  ‘Termites of western ghats’ Department of Zoology, Sir Syed College (UGC sponsored National Seminar) 07/01/2014   08/01/2014 2
National Seminar on ‘Role of insects and marine organisms in wood biodeterioration’ Title of paper:  ‘Wood infesting termites and traditional methods of their control in North Kerala’. Department of Zoology, Sir Syed College (UGC sponsored National Seminar) 18/03/2014 19/03/2014 2
National Seminar on recent trends in biological research Title of paper: Being scientifically unscientific Department of Zoology, Govt. College, Kasargod (DCE sponsored National Seminar) 17/12/2014 18/01/2014 2
Resource sharing Seminar on History, Philosophy and Politics of Science Title of paper: “The science of Treatment” District Academic Committee AKPCTA 12/02/2016 1
State level seminar – on ozone day Title of paper: “Ozone – myth, realities and a success story of science” Department of Zoology, NAS College, Kanhangad (KSCSTE sponsored Seminar) 23/09/2017 - 1
State level seminar – on ozone day Title of paper: “Ozone and fauna” Department of Zoology, Sir Syed College, Taliparamba (KSCSTE sponsored Seminar) 26/09/2017 - 1
National Seminar on ‘uncertainty of bioconservation’ Title of paper: ‘Being naturally imperfect’ Department of Zoology, Govt. Brennen  College, Thalasseri (DCE sponsored National Seminar) 23/11/2017 25/11/2017 3
Termite assemblage and its possible correlation with earthworm abundance in different landuse patterns of selected areas in northern Wayanad, Kerala (Nithya K and Swaran P R) Proceedings of Kerala science congress 28/01/2018 30/01/2018 3
Traditional knowledge on control of termites attacking buildings and their laboratory evaluation Proceedings of 29th Swadeshi Science Congress; 27-29 Februaryb2020; CPCRI, Kasargod. 27/02/2020 29/02/2020 3
Sasthrapatham- district level webinar for HSS students (Resource person for biology) Samagra Siksha Keralam, Govt Of Kerala 9/1/2021 1
Science-learning and practice – webinar on science day Nehru College, Kanhangad 28/2/2021 1
Seminar on Water day and Forest day (Resource Person) Kannur University Teacher Education Centre, Dharmasala 22/3/2021 1
Mission 1.5 degree Celsius. Earth day semenar (Resource person) Department of Geography, Kannur University 22/04/2021 1
Ecosystem Restoration; World Environment Day Webinar for school teachers Samagra Siksha Keralam, Govt Of Kerala (BRC, Madayi) 04/06/2021 1
No. of PhDs Awarded No. of Thesis Submitted No. of Scholars Currently Guiding
Nil Nil 4
Thrust area Organiser Duration
From To Days
Dr. E.K. Janaki Ammal National Seminar on Biotechnology     Kerala Shastra Sahithya Parishath 04-11- 2009 1
Nature Education  Camp at Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady   Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department, Govt of Kerala 18/12/ 2010 20/12/ 2010 3
Nature Education  Camp at Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady   Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department, Govt of Kerala 22/12/ 2013 24/12/ 2013 3
National Seminar on ‘Biodiversity conservation: Prospects and challenges’ Govt college, Kasargod (sponsored by KSCSTE) 12/12/2012 1
National seminar on Recent advances in chemical sciences Dept of Chemistry (sponsored by KSHEC) 14/2/2013 15/2/2013 2
Workshop on CBCSS-Hridayakumari committee report Kannur University 12/6/2014 1
Academic Seminar on “Revivalism and Higher Education” Annual Conference of AKPCTA 20/03/2015 1
One day Regional Seminar on “Astronomy” KSCSTE and ASTRA Payyanur 29/07/2015 1
National Conference on Emerging Research Trends in Chemistry UGC sponsored National Seminar by Dept of Chemistry, Payyanur College 6/01/2016 8/01/2016 3
Symposium on Higher Education Higher Education Commission (AKPCTA) 16/01/2016 1
Facilitating Innovations and patent filing Inter University Centre for IPR and MHRD Chair on IPR,  CUSAT 20/07/2016 1
National Seminar on “Mangrove ecosystem and its ecological importance” WTI, Apollo Tyres and Dept of Zoology, Payyanur College 23/07/2016 1
State level workshop on ‘Universe and Life’ at IRTC, Mandur KSSP and KSCSTE 29/09/2017 30/09/2017 2
Teacher Training workshop on Research based pedagogical tools (RBPT), Sacred Hearts College, Kochi IISER Pune, DBT, MHRD, Newton Bhabha Fund, British Council, Sheffield Hallam University 11/102017 14/10/2017 4
Childrens’ Science Congress (district Level) DST, Govt of India; KSCSTE, Govt of Kerala 13/1/2021 1
National webinar on Roadmap for quality audit SRN Adarh College 5/3/2021 1
one-day IQAC online symposium on NAAC accreditation process Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS), Thiruvananthapuram 24/6/2021 1
Title of the Course Organiser Duration
From To Days
Orientation course Academic Staff College, Calicut University 11/06/2008 08/07/2008 28
Refresher course (Zoology – interdisciplinary) Academic Staff College, Kannur University 18/11/2014 08/12/2014 21
Orientation course for NSS Programme Officers ETI, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences 26/07/2017 01/08/2017 7
Short term course Research methodology 22/2/2018 28/02/2018 7
MINOR PROJECT WORKS: (Title, Funding Agency, Date of Commencement/Submission, Sanctioned Amount)   Swaran PR and Rajan M 2011. Termites infesting buildings / wooden structures In Kerala and traditional / indigenous methods on their management; 87p. Sponsored by UGC; 2007 – 2011; Sanctioned amount : 87500/-
Role Organisation Date/Year (From- To) Remarks
Member, Board of studies, Zoology UG, Kannur University Framing the syllabus etc 6/11/2010 to 5/11/2012
Judge, School Science fair, Subdistrict and District Level As judge for valuing the research type project of HSS students 2012 -contd
Additional Chief Supt., Kannur University Examinations Supervision of the conduct of exams in Un aided College Centres 2014, 2015, 2016
Popular Talk: “Science and human life” In the NSS Annual Camp at Panathadi, December 2015 22/12/2014
Popular Talk: “Science and society” In the NSS Annual Camp at PES Vidyalaya, December 2015 24/12/2015
Popular Talk: on Scientific methods, PRNSS College, Mattanur As part of inaugural speech of the Zoology Association 2015
Question paper Setter, PhD PQE, Calicut University Preparation of question papers for PhD PQE of Calicut University. 2016
External Examiner, PhD PQE, Calicut University Valuation of Preliminary examination answer sheets and conducting viva 03/11/2016
Executive member, KTK Foundation, Payyanur Planning and execution of science related programmes for students 2016 – contd
Chairman, UG Board of Examiners, Zoology Conducting of practical exams, valuation camps 2016 – 17
District coordinator, Birdsclub international Growing Miniforests in educational institutions 2017-
Popular Talk: Scientific Temper Inaugural speech on the Rally for Science Organised by KSSP, at Morazha, Kannur 7/11/2017
Popular Talk: “Science and society” Organised by KSSP, Alakode unit 17/011/2017
Observer KEAM (Kerala Engineering/pharmacy Entrance Examination 2019 2/5/2019&3/05/2019
Member, district level technical committee, Harithakeralam mission (Pachathuruth program) Constituted by Kannur Dt Collector From 19/06/2019
Editorial Board member LUCA online science magazine of KSSP 2019
Editorial Board member Sastrakeralam - science magazine of KSSP 2020 -
Research Specimen Identification For M Pharm students of Govt. Medical College, Kannur 2019-
Editor Sasthrakeralam (science magazine in Malayalam) 2021 -
Member Academic Council Kannur University 2021-
PhD Research Guide, Kannur University Centre, Mananthawady 4 students registered for PhD 1. Ms Anushya with UGC JRF; 2. Ms Remya, Coffee Board Employee-part time) 3. MsSavitha Mohanan (CSIR JRF) 4. Ms.Jithina M (CSIR JRF) 2017 onwards
Staff Editor, College Magazine, Editing of articles of college Magazine of the College Union The Magazine won the Kannur University Best Magazine Award, Basheer Award and Manorama award) 2006-2007 One year
Finearts Advisor of College Union Selection, Training and leading the College team for University Arts Festival. (College team won the championship in all the years except for 2010-11.) 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2012-13 2013-14 One year each
CCSS Coordinator Dealing with doubts and issues of CCSS in college and selection of students for Open Courses. 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 One year each
Staff Advisor of College Union Planning and guiding of all the activities of College Union 2015-16 One year
Coordinator, Red Ribbon Club AIDS awareness (positive talk etc), Blood donation camps 2013-14 2014-15 2 years
Nodal Officer, PF Supervision of PF online entry and processing of requests 2015 -contd 2 years
Coordinator, Internal examinations Conducting internal examinations in odd and even semesters 2015-16 2016-17 One year each
Returning Officer, College Union Elections Conducting of College Union Elections 2016-17 Two weeks
Programme Officer, NSS Planning and organizing NSS activities and Annual 7-day camp 2016- 19 3 years
Convenor, World Environment Day Seminar, Sponsored by KSCSTE, Govt of Kerala Organized seminar, quiz, living with nature – camp etc as part of celebrations June 2016 4 days
Students-Welfare in Charge Coordinating communication between university and college on student activity related matters like NCC, NSS, Sports etc 2017 - contd
MSc Project Guide 1. Ms Akshara, MSc Environmental Science 2. Ms Nithya K, MSc Applied Zoology, Kannur University, 3. Jyothi  K (2020), 4. Anjusha Bhaskar  (2021) 2017-contd 3 months
Chief Supt. Kannur University Exams 2018JUNE-19MAY One year
RUSA Coordinator 2019 JUNE ONWARDS
Joint Coordinator, IQAC 2020 onwards
Name of Award/Fellowship Instituted by Year
Junior and Senior Research Fellowships CSIR, Govt of India 2001-2005
International student grant IUSSI, St. Petersburg State University 2005
International Travel grant DBT, Govt of India INSA, Govt of India 2005