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Dr. A C Sreehari

Dr. A C Sreehari

Asst. Professor

M A, P hD

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Tel : 9447685365

Name of the Teacher A.C.  Sreehari
Department English
Designation Assistant Professor
Contact Numbers 9447685365
Email ID
                        Present Address Permanent Address
House Name Alappadambil Cheruvalli Alappadambil Cheruvalli
Post Office Ettukudukka Ettukudukka
District & State Kannur, Kerala Kannur, Kerala
Pin Code 670521 670521
Designation Department Date of Joining Years of Service
Assistant Professor                   English                14.10.1996            25
Course Institution Subject /Topic Year of Award
SSLC Govt. High School. Mathil 1985
Pre-Degree Nehru Arts and Science College, Kanhangad Humanities 1987
UG Payyanur College, Payyanur English Language and Literature 1990
PG St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, Kozhikode [Calicut University] English Language and Literature 1992
PhD Govt. Brennen College [Kannur University] English Language and Literature 2015
Course Institution Subject /Topic Year of Award
Certificate Course Film and Television Institute of India, Pune Film Appreciation 2010
Certificate Course Payyanur College, Payyanur/ (ugc) Spoken Sanskrit 2003
Magazine/ Book (with ISSN/ISBN) Topic/Title Publisher Month & Year
Vayanavikrithi ISBN 81-264-1385-9 Vayanavikrithi (Collection of Poems) DC Books, Kottayam 2007  
Disakal: Golden Jubilee Anthology of Malayalam Poetry ISBN 978-81-237-5067-5 Postmortem (Poem) NBT, New Delhi 2009
Palathu: Varthamana Malayala Kavithakal ISBN: 9788130000000 Evide Loan, Poda Mone Dinesa,Premalekhanam (Poems) DC Books, Kottayam 2004
Yuvakavithakkoottam ISBN 81-7130-991-7 Vayanavikrithi Oru Athma Kavitha (Poem) DC Books, Kottayam 1999  
Locating The Local: In Literature and Films ISBN 978-93-84110-60-4 Articles in English Dept. of English, Payyanur College 2018
Kerala And the Crises of Modernity (Edited) ISBN 978-93-84110-61-1 Festschrift Volume in honour of Dr KC Muraleedharan Dept. of English, Payyanur College 2018
Apakeraleekaranam: Sahithyam, Samskaram, Cinema ISBN 978-93-84110-73-4 Articles in Malayalam AC Books / Pusthakabhavan Payyanur 2018
Indian Literature: 21st Century Malayalam Poetry ISSN 0019580-4 Silk Smitha’s Death – A Flashback (Poem in English Translation Trans. Shyma P.) Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi March-April 2018
KaivazhikaL: M.G. University Malayalam Common Course Book ISBN 9780000310514 Poda Mone Dinesa Published in Madhyamam Weekly [2000 April 29 p. 39] SPCS, Kottayam     2017
Tips For Living in an Expanding Universe, E.V. Ramakrishnan ISBN 978-93-82749-79-0 Travellers on Foot: Translation of E.V. Ramakrishnan’s poem “Kaalnadakkar” Poetrywala, Paperwall Media & Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 2018  
Malayalam Literary Survey (ISSN 2319-3271) Vol. 38 No. 3 Accept Non-Violence: Translation of poem by Balamani Amma Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Thrissur July-September, 2018
LITTCRIT (ISSN 0970-8049) Issue 71. Vol. 37, No. 1 History of My Story: Female Autobiographies and the Malayalee Male Public LITTCRIT, Thiruvananthapuram June 2011
English Activities Update (ISSN 0976-3643) Vol. II, No.2 & Vol. III, No.1 Tragedy as a Male – Play: A Critique of the ‘Theyyatre’ on North Kerala English Activities Update, Thiruvananthapuram July 2011 & January 2012
Journal of ELTIF, (ISSN 2230-7710) Vol. III. No. 3. 9 Communication(S)kills: A Critique of the Construction of ‘Class’room Relations. English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum July – September 2012
BRENNEN Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, (ISSN 2231-5489) Vol. 7 The Role of English in the Making of the Male: A Critique of the Canonical Poems in English Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery  January 2012.
Journal of ELTIF (ISSN 2230-7710) Vol. 1.3 Communication Skills: A Critique of the Construction of ‘Class’room Relations English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum July-September 2012
Journal of ELTIF (ISSN 2230-7710) Vol. 1.4 Seeing is not Believing: A Note on Critical Viewing English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum October-December 2012
Malayalam Literary Survey (ISSN 2319-3271) Vol. 33 No. 3-4 Return of the Non-Resident Indian: A Critique of the Cultural Capital of Malayalam Poetry Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Thrissur July-December 2013
Proceedings of the UGC National Seminar ISBN 978-81-926753-0-5 Telling Stories: A Critique of the ‘New’ in Story Telling. Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery August 2012.
Teaching of English: Experiences and Experiments ISBN 81-87299-72-X Engendered Classrooms: A Critical Note on Reading Words and Worlds Puducherry Cooperative Book Society, Puducherry February 2013
Teaching of English: Insights and Implications ISBN 81-87299-70-3 Sociolinguistic Approach to Poetry: Stopping by Words at Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods…” Puducherry Cooperative Book Society, Puducherry December 2012
Kerala Private College Teacher ISSN 2454-4795 The Social Media and the Mediated Motherhood All Kerala Private College Teachers’ Association December 2016
LITTCRIT (ISSN 0970-8049) Issue 81. Vol. 42, No. 1 The Missing People: A Critique of Dalit Representations in Films LITTCRIT, Thiruvananthapuram June 2016
Malayalam Literary Survey (ISSN 2319-3271) Vol. 37 No. 1 Translation as Transference: A Case Study of N.V.’s Translation of Robert Frost Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Thrissur January-March 2017
Sahithyam: Vayanayum Vimarsavum (Ed.) Josna Jacob ISBN 978-93-84110-37-6 Kavithayile Apakeraleekaranam [De-Keralisation in Poetry]   Pusthaka Bhavan, Payyanur   2017
Malayala Kavithayude Puthiya Idangal (Ed.) Josna Jacob ISBN 978-93-84110-63-5 Jaathiye Lingavathkarikkumbol [Gendering Caste] Pusthaka Bhavan, Payyanur   2018
No. of PhDs Awarded No. of Thesis Submitted No. of Scholars Currently Guiding
Nil                           Nil 05
Thrust area Organiser Duration
From To Days
National Seminar on Contemporary Malayalam Literary Criticism Kannur University and Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi 27.03.2003 29.03.2003 3
International Conference On exploring masculinities Akaar New Delhi, St. Aloysius College, Thrissur 19.02.2007 20.02.2007 02
National Conference on Regional Film Industries: The Formative Years English and Foreign University, Hyderabad[OUCIP/ASRC] 14.11. 2008 16.11. 2008 03
Workshop on Restructuring Undergraduate Curriculum Finalisation Kerala State Higher Education Council, Thiruvananthapuram 22.12.2008 23.12.2008 02
Training Programme For College Lecturers Kerala State Science and Technology Museum & Priyadarshini Planetarium, Thiruvananthapuram 24.01.2011 24.01.2011 01
National Seminar on Return of the Narrative Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi & Thunchan Memorial, Tirur 03.02.2012 03.02.2012 01
National Workshop on Academic Writing University Library, Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod 23.01.2012 25.01.2012 03
Title of the Paper Organiser Duration
From To Days
International Conference on Media [Visual Vs. Virtual – Can the ‘Reality’ Show?] CPRACSIS, Thrissur 27.06. 2009 28.06.2009 02
International Conference of Sociological Imagination in Comparative Perspective: [Marketed Stories of Women and the Malayali Male Public] Comparative Literature Association of India & Central University of Gujarat 03.03.2011 06.03.2011 04
International Conference – Unveiling a Secret Agreement: Revisiting the Contours of English Studies [Reinventing the Region: Indigenous Interventions in English Studies] E.F.L. University, Hyderabad 22.11.2012 22.11.2012 02
International Conference on Revisiting Madhavikkutty/Kamala Das/Suraiya [The Malayali Male and the Pornographic Eye/I: A Critique of the Readings of Kamala Das] St. Aloysius College, Thrissur 19.10.2012 20.11.2012 02
International Conference on ‘Cinema Cultures in South India, C PRACSIS [Adoring Adoor? A Critique of the ‘Popular Art Films’ of Adoor Gopalakrishnan] St. Thomas College, Thrissur 14.10.2012 15.10.2012 02
2nd International English Language Teachers’ Conference 2013, KILA, Thrissur Sarva Sikha Abhiyan and State Institute of English, Kerala 30.03.2013 01.04.2013 02
Indian History Congress [The Family, Private Property, and the Present State of Kerala] Delhi University, Delhi 28.12.2007 30.12.2007 03
Indian History Congress [Making of the Man: A History of Eighty Years of Malayalam Movies]   Kannur University, Kannur HQ 28.12.2008 30.12.2008 03
National Seminar in Regional and Cultural Forms and Representations [A History of Folk Arts in Films in Malayalam] Dept. of English, M.S. University, Baroda 20.3. 2009 21.3. 2009 02
Resistance and Representations [Recasting the Subaltern in Malayalam Movies] S.V.S. College, D.K., Mangalore University 03.04.2009 03.04.2009 01
National Seminar - Media Manthan [A Critique of the Malayalam Eco-Political Documentaries] Dept. of Mass Communication, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore 20.01.2012 21.12.2012 02
Indian Cinema 100 Years [Emerging Male: A History of 84 Years of the Male in Malayalam Films] Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady 26.02.2013   27.02.2013 02
National Seminar on Malayalam Literature of the past 50 Years [A Backward Reading of Malayalam Literary History] Dhvanyaloka, The Literary Criterion Centre, Mysore 08.11.2017 08.11.2017 01
Indian History Congress [Locating the Local: Mapping the Cultural Capital of North Kerala] Kerala University, Thiruvanthapuram 28.12.2017 30.12.2017 03
Indian History Congress [A Door to the East: A Review of the Art Films of Adoor Gopalakrishnan] Kannur University, Kannur HQ 28.12.2019 28.12.2019 03
Training Camp in Translation [The Language of Translation] Kerala Bhasha Institute, Thiruvanathapuram, at Pariyaram, Kannur 17.06.2008 17.06.2008 01
Talk on “Critical Viewing” University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram 12.12.2012 12.12.2012 01
Talk in the Short Story Workshop: “The Story Teller” of Walter Benjamin Kerala Sahitya Akademi & Kannur University, Palathadam Campus 26.11.2017 26.11.2017 01
Title of the Course Organiser Duration
From To Days
Refresher Course in ICT for Higher Education (Interdisciplinary) Academic Staff College, Kannur University 10.11.2009 30.11.2009 21
Refresher Course in Comparative Literature HRDC, Kannur University 02.12.2015 22.12.2015 20
Refresher Course in Indian Languages and Literature HRDC, Kannur University 02.09.2021 15.09.2021 12
Orientation Course HRDC, Kannur University 20.02.2017 20.03.2017 28
Short Term Course in Disaster Management HRDC, Kannur University 29.10.2018 03.11.2018 06
Presentation of Poems/Invited talks North-Eastern & Southern Poetry Festival Bangalore, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi 13-14 Spt. 2008, 2008
National Poetry Festival, Ayyappa Paniker Foundation, Thiruvananthapuram, 22.11.201 3- 24.11.2013 2013
Kerala Literature Festival, Kozhikode [DC Books] 08.02.2018 - 11.02.2018 2018
AIR Kannur and various regional programmes Since 1994
Poems in Syllabus University of Kannur, Calicut, Mahathma Gandhi and Kerala Since 2009
Film lyric Android Kunjappan Version 5.25| Ormapoove - Song 2019
MINOR PROJECT WORKS: (Title, Funding Agency, Date of Commencement/Submission, Sanctioned Amount) Patterns of Patriarchy: A History of Malayalam Films, UGC, 31.12.2010 - 02.01.2012, Rs. 1, 05,000/-
Role Organisation Date/Year (From – To)
Outside the Campus
Research Guide Dept of Studies in English, Palayad, Kannur university Since 24.07.2019
Chairperson Board of Studies [UG], Kannur University Since 11.06.2021
Member Board of Studies [PG], Kannur University Since 11.06.2021
Board of Studies [UG], Kannur University 06/08/2018 -05.08.2020
Board of Studies [PG] /Academic Committee for English PG, Sreenarayanaguru Open University, Kollam 2021
Jury: Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award Committee 2017
Joint Secretary English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum [Regd. XXI of 1860 s. No. 60/2010] Since 30.12.2015
President Daya Charitable Society [Regd. 551/97], Payyanur Since 2019
  Delegate   International Film Festival of Kerala [IFFK] Since 1998
International Film Festival of India, Goa [IFFI] Nov. 2011
Discussant National Film Festival of Kerala [NFFK] June 2018
On the Campus
Coordinator International Webinar on Post-Pandemic Language, Literature and Culture: A Prospective View 25-05-2020 & 26-05-2020
Kerala Sahitya Akademi Seminar in English and Malayalam: Transactions 17.03.2018& 18.03.2018
Kerala Sahitya Akademi Webinar on Pandemic and Narratives 04.07.2020
Certificate Course: Creative Writing and Translation 2015-19
Certificate Course: Film Appreciation and Sub-Titling 2017-19
National Workshop on Academic Writing and Research Methodology 05.02.2016
National Seminar in English-Malayalam: Transactions [Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Thrissur] 17.03.2018 18.03.2018
Secretary Parents-Teachers Association 2017-2018
Convener Research Committee Since 2018
Member College Council Since 2019
Name of Award/Fellowship Instituted by Year
N.N. Kakkad Award Sangatham, Koilandy, Kozhikode, Kerala 1997
V.T. Kumararan Master Puraskaram V.T. Kumararan Master Smaraka Trust, Vatakara, Kozhikode, Kerala 1997
Gayathri Award Gayathri (Regd), New Delhi 1997
Vyloppilli Award Vyloppilli Smarakasamithi, Thrissur, Kerala 1999
Yuvasaahithya Puraskaram Kerala Yuvasahithyasangham, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 2001
Vatakara Sahithyavedi – Mootati Damodaran Memorial Award Vayanavikriti/Misreadings. D.C. Books, Kottayam, 2006 2007
Palakkad ‘Saparya’ Sahithyavedi Award Edachery: Thirakkavitha/The Middle Class- A Screen Poem, A.C. Books, Payyanur, 2010 2011