Eco-friendly wastebins distributed by NSS Unit 10

Eco-friendly wastebins made by the volunteers of NSS Unit 10 was distributed in the college on 25 th July, Monday. These wastebins were placed in different parts of the campus. The greatest advantage of the eco friendly waste bin is that the menstrual waste in girls rooms can be burned along with the bin, without harming the environment. These  bins were distributed in the other neighbouring institutions as well and training classes to make them were given to volunteers from different organisations and clubs too. This great venture is lead by NSS program coordinator Dr.Sujith K V, NSS Unit secretary Abhinand M,joint secretaries Sharon Biju, Sarang P P, Adithyan M T, Asha K V, Sreenanditha R Nath, Anjal R Nath and Aswathi M. The eco friendly waste bins were handed over symbolically to the Girls Welfare Committee Cordinator Dr Sreemaya, members Archana K, Ardra V S,Nithya K, Dr. Lakshmi C and the contingent staff Santha at the function at College